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Our Team

Meet Our Boutique Real Estate Brokerage Group in Hamilton, Ontario

Get to know our talented team of Realtors® who are here to guide you through the buying or selling process. Each member of our group brings their unique skills, expertise, and personal touch to ensure that you receive the highest level of support and expertise throughout your real estate journey.


Scroll Down to learn more about our group members, including their website, contact information, and areas of specialization. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or looking to sell your property, our group is here to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Alexandra Maurice, Real Estate Broker, PUREREALTY Brokerage

Real Estate Broker

Alexandra Maurice

Alexandra is a broker on a mission to help Hamilton and the surrounding area get a full-service real estate experience. She takes clients from start to sold with respect, attention to detail and great communication.

Her experience in estate closures and downsizing makes her a valuable part of our group. 


Office: 905-521-1151 ext 105

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Amy Gallant, Real Estate Broker, PUREREALTY Brokerage
Broker of Record, Owner

Amy has been working in real estate for the past 33 years, receiving her license in 1990, becoming a broker in 2003, and founding her own brokerage in 2017 with partner Donna Bacher. Amy has a vast knowledge of the industry, of Hamilton and the surrounding area, and of how to properly serve clients with integrity.
Amy is fluent in Arabic, French and English and is able to comfortably assist clients from diverse communities.

Office 905-521-1151 ext 101

Direct 905-516-9640


Raised by a veteran Realtor®, real estate has always played a huge role in Julie's life. Living in a household where real estate was an everyday topic gave her a huge head start in the business and when the time was right, it allowed her to quickly gain the skills, knowledge and passion necessary to be a fantastic Realtor®. Julie is thrilled to be a part of the dynamic PUREREALTY Brokerage family and is committed to creating a hassle free and memorable real estate experience for everyone she has the pleasure of representing and serving.


Office: 905-521-1151 ext 106

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Gina Milki, Real Estate Agent, PUREREALTY Brokerage, Hamilton, ON

Gina is born and raised in Hamilton and has been immersed in the Real Estate world since her childhood. She believes preparation is first and foremost in ensuring that her clients are ready for one of the most important transactions of their lives. In the ever-changing and evolving Real Estate industry, Gina's service skills, adaptability and resourcefulness allow her to address her client's needs to provide a superior quality experience all while exceeding expectations. 


Office: 905-521-1151 ext 103

Mame Ochana, Real Estate Agent, PUREREALTY Brokerage, Hamilton, ON


Mame Ochana is a seasoned Realtor and full-time sales representative at PureRealty Brokerage, serving since 2015. With a strong focus on professionalism and dedication, he excels in all aspects of residential transactions, helping clients navigate the real estate market with confidence and expertise.

Office: 905-521-1151 ext 104

Katy Jobe, Real Estate Agent, PUREREALTY Brokerage, Hamilton, ON

Katy is passionate when it comes to real estate!  She has spent years buying, restoring, and selling century homes all over Hamilton. She has experience planning, scheduling, and participating in many types of renovation projects and this has given her extensive knowledge of the process.

She has a great sense of how to unlock a homes potential and can comfortably guide you through the home buying, selling, and renovating experiences. 

Office: 905-521-1151 ext 108

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Donna bacher.jpeg
Donna Bacher
Co-Founder, PUREREALTY Brokerage

The story of PUREREALTY Brokerage begins with a powerful partnership forged by close friends Donna Bacher and Amy Gallant. With a wealth of experience and deep insights into the real estate industry, it was only natural for them to join forces and create something extraordinary. In 2017, they took the leap and opened the doors of PUREREALTY Brokerage in Hamilton, ON, with a team of three dedicated Realtors.

Donna Bacher played an integral role in shaping the foundation of our brokerage. Her expertise and dedication were invaluable as she contributed to the growth and success of the team. With her vision and passion, Donna helped establish PUREREALTY Brokerage as a prominent player in the industry.

As Donna embarks on a new chapter in her life, deciding to retire in 2023, her departure leaves a profound impact on our brokerage. Her legacy is felt in every achievement, every milestone, and every client served. Donna's dedication, commitment, and warm spirit will be deeply missed by all of us at PUREREALTY.

"I have known, admired and respected Donna for many decades having worked closely with her. Donna's depth of knowledge in all things real estate and impeccable ethics makes her nothing short of an icon in our Real Estate Association as well as our profession."

-Lou Piriano

"On this bittersweet occasion of her retirement, the REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB) extends its warmest congratulations and heartfelt appreciation to Donna Bacher for her dedication and contributions as a long-service member and volunteer leader of the Association.  Donna’s boundless energy, knowledge, and leadership within the profession have left an indelible mark on the Association.  Thank you and congratulations, Donna, for the remarkable impact you have had on RAHB and the REALTOR® community. "

-Carol Ann Burrell

"I've known Donna for many years and got to know her better in the last decade through our volunteer work with the Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington.  She is much loved and respected in our industry and I have the utmost admiration for her.  It is incredible to see her love, passion and the great care she has for the Real Estate industry, her clients, family, friends and for the membership of RAHB.  Often putting her needs aside to volunteer and ensure that the membership's interests were protected.  I am sure she is the same with friends and family.  Always selfless with her time and energy and often taking "bullets" to do what she believed was right.  A great ball of fire with a great sense of humour too.  All the best to you Donna. You deserve wonderful things and lots of joy!"

-Kathy Della-Nebbia

"Meeting Donna back in 2003 at Royal LePage State Realty Brokerage was like a serendipitous encounter. From a simple "Good morning" to endless conversations, I was captivated by her uniqueness, humor, friendliness, and dedication to her clients. 

Over the years, our bond grew stronger. When the idea of forming our own real estate brokerage arose, becoming business partners was natural. Donna, you were the ideal partner – our venture, PUREREALTY, thrived. Your expertise, ethics, and unwavering commitment were the foundation of our success. Though your retirement brought a touch of sadness, it's heartwarming to see you enjoy life on the farm. I'm grateful for our friendship, proud of our accomplishments, and brimming with memories from the past 21 years, I'm excited for new horizons ahead. Donna, here's to our journey and the chapters yet to be written."


-Amy Gallant

"I have watched Donna implement policies and procedures that are the cornerstones of our company today.  She trained myself, and many other Realtors throughout her time in Hamilton to be honest, loyal, fair, caring, studious and intelligent.  Donna was the kind of Realtor we all strive to be, professional, diligent, determined but kind.  Donna is the encyclopedia of Real estate, you have a question- she has the answer and is there for you to figure out a solution.  She understands that real estate is much more than buying and selling- it’s guiding people through some of the toughest decisions in their lives.  She has taught me to scaffold support to lead people to a positive, educated outcome.  She has shown me that as a Realtor we must wear many hats, but most importantly be a good listener."

-Katy Jobe

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