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PUREREALTY Brokerage: Why Using a Realtor to Sell Your Home is the Only Way to Go

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Selling your home is a significant decision that comes after careful contemplation about your finances, your needs in a new home, and where you plan to relocate. Once you've made this pivotal choice, the next big question arises: how do you put your selling plan into action?

When it comes to achieving the best results, there's no doubt that the involvement of a Realtor is an absolute must. In Ontario, the vast majority of residential homes are sold with the assistance of a Realtor, and for good reason. Using a real estate professional offers numerous advantages over attempting to navigate the complex process of selling your home independently.

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Expertise and Training

First and foremost, Realtors are highly skilled individuals who must complete an extensive training regimen to earn their license. This program is thoughtfully designed by the Ontario Real Estate Association and includes not only an intensive in-class phase but also a two-year 'articling' process that further hones a Realtor's knowledge of the housing transaction.

Beyond the necessary credentials, a Realtor's most valuable asset is their ability to meet your demands and look out for your best interests. In essence, Realtors are experts at selling your property at the best possible price.

Specialized Skills and Techniques

To achieve this goal, Realtors employ a variety of specialized skills and techniques. Perhaps the most powerful weapon in a Realtor's arsenal is their comprehensive knowledge of the housing market. A Realtor will thoroughly assess your property and use a sophisticated comparative analysis to determine a fair and workable selling price.

But that's just the beginning. Once an initial estimate is established, a Realtor will provide valuable advice on how to maximize your asking price and expedite the sale of your home. Sometimes, minor repairs and fix-ups are all that's needed to make your home a top draw, but in some cases, strategic renovations might provide a competitive advantage. Your Realtor understands precisely what qualities buyers in your area are seeking and will offer guidance accordingly. They can also recommend and arrange a structural evaluation or home inspection to better position your home for a successful sale.

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Marketing Expertise

Your Realtor will help craft an overall 'marketing plan' for your property, a comprehensive strategy aimed at exposing your home not only to a maximum number of potential buyers but also to those specifically motivated to purchase your home. This may involve various avenues, including advertising in newspapers and real estate publications, television coverage, open houses for the public and other Realtors, and listing with the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Most Realtors will absorb the costs associated with marketing your home as part of their service to you.

Streamlined Screening Process

Once potential buyers have been identified, a Realtor streamlines the process by pre-screening applicants before investing time and effort in showing your home. This step not only saves you time but also helps separate the 'lookers' from the 'buyers' while ensuring that interested parties are qualified to purchase at your asking price.

Skillful Negotiations

When a suitable and motivated buyer is found, the often intricate and nerve-wracking negotiation process begins. Here's where Realtors can be invaluable. They've been through this procedure countless times and understand the nuances of offers and counteroffers. Many homeowners who opt not to use a Realtor find themselves at a disadvantage at this stage. It's almost certain that a buyer will have professional advice when serious financial discussions are underway—a seller without a professional on their side is at a distinct disadvantage.

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Efficient Handling of Legalities

Moreover, Realtors are adept at cutting through red tape and finalizing the sale with minimal fuss when it comes to handling legal contracts and financial arrangements. These aspects of the selling process can quickly become overwhelming for the average homeowner, but Realtors have the experience and expertise to navigate them smoothly.

A Partner Every Step of the Way

In conclusion, a Realtor will be with you every step of the way, from making your home as appealing as possible and connecting it with the right buyers, to negotiating on your behalf and expertly closing the sale. A real estate professional is the one person you shouldn't be without when selling your home.

So, if you're thinking of selling your Ontario home, consider partnering with a Realtor from PUREREALTY Brokerage for a smooth and successful selling journey. Your home deserves the expertise that only a Realtor can provide.

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